How To Set Up Cantina VPN

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  • Thursday, May 13, 2021

Quick start guide of CantinaVPN service

Last updated 2022-10-18

1: Download from Google Play or Apple iOS app stores

2: Open the app

Android: Click “browse menu” to select from our tasty set of services. Select the one you’d like to try. (Currently just the free beta bite is available.) iOS: the app will open to the home screen for CantinaVPN (on/off) directly.

3 : Check out each page

Navigation footer options

  • Home “Cantina VPN” (maracas)
  • Menu (lima) – Android version only
  • My Order (avocado) – Android version only
  • Settings (muerto)

4 : Home (Cantina VPN)

ON. Maracas are shaking.

  • Time remaining (Android) or used (iOS) is shown.
  • IP: Address of your exit node.
  • Region: For paid/funded use, you can select from a list of possible exit countries. Free trial exit nodes are based in the United States.
  • Android: A small “key” is shown on the smartphone top navigation bar.
  • iOS: Settings => VPN will show “connected”.
  • Long press on maracas saves current exit node as a “Starred Cantina”.

OFF. Maracas stop shaking.

  • Your traffic is not being routed through the VPN.
  • Android: No “key” is shown on the smartphone top navigation bar.
  • iOS: Settings => VPN will show “not connected”.

5 : Menu

(Android version only.) Select one of the menu items.

  • Snack Ticket: Not available at this time. When enabled, paid service will optimize speed and allow your internet traffic to be routed invisibly until it exits from your selected country (you can select one or more exit countries and it will route through the optimal path).
  • Meal Deal: Not available at this time.
  • Beta Bite: Enjoy our tasty free trial! (All traffic is invisible until it exits from one of several nodes located within the United States.)

6 : My Order

(Android version only.) This page shows the status of your current order, including the amount of time remaining or used.

7 : Settings

  • Starred Cantinas: Select one of your favorite exit nodes by first saving them on the VPN page.
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • About: CantinaVPN
    • Android: Version 1.3.1
    • iOS: Version 1.4.1

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